Welcome to the VISUAL STRATEGIES website, the “live” virtual extension of our book, VISUAL STRATEGIES, A Practical Guide to Graphics for Scientists and Engineers. (Yale University Press, Spring 2012).

  • THE BOOK has two sections, Overview and Highlights. Overview describes the book and includes links to where you can purchase it. In Highlights, we present selected spreads from the book.
  • PEOPLE describes everyone who contributed to the book, the Authors, Designers and Contributors.
  • FORUM includes discussions of graphics from VISUAL STRATEGIES, and elsewhere. You and guest experts will also post ideas and observations relevant to design, and we encourage your comments! If you’d like to post your own graphic to solicit feedback, please contact us.
  • RESOURCES includes links mentioned in the book and elsewhere, descriptions of courses and workshops relevant to our efforts and images found in the Visual Classics section.
  • CONTACT US is where you may inquire about general questions, provide us feedback on the site, and suggest your own posts to the Forum.

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